Jill’s Wrong…. Very, Very Wrong!

The American people not only want to know, they want her to tell the truth about her step-son Hunters bizarre behavior and what’s been done about it.  Jill Jacobs ne. Biden May be the best thing about Joe Biden but she needs to open her eyes, learn what Joe’s done and what he will do and part of that learning is about Joe’s children, especially Hunter who has many tawdry issues in his past such as accepting large sums of money for simply being the son of the Vice President. What did BURISMA, Ukraine, Russia and China get for their money? Was it simply access? Was Hunter selling access? Was Joe selling access? Selling access may not always be as innocent as simply arranging meetings among certain government officials such as president Barack H. Obama. That smells of a bribe and bribery can be a crime.

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