Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) introduced legislation Wednesday to limit the scope of big tech’s Section 230 legal immunity to stop “un-American” censorship of free speech on the Internet, Breitbart News can exclusively reveal. Was She Wrong? Yes… Free speech applies to the speaker.. That would be the websites on the internet… All of them! Only the government is forbidden to stifle speech. Google, Facebook, and “Big tech” can say what they want… They can also ban what they want. Google can ban you. That’s the American way.. The government should never be set up to force Google to publish what government want’s published. That’s a violation of Google’s free speech..

OTOH, if Google is held to be some kind of public interest actor the government can dictate to Google… In that case Google has had their first amendment right to free speech violated and the government may be liable to pay Google damages.

If you don’t like Google, use another service..


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