Snot-Nosed Little Men.  More like grown-up little brats…

Mike Ditka to NFL Kneelers: “If You Can’t Respect this Country – Get the Hell Out of It”

None of the infantilized millionaire NFL protesters ever make comments about what: the fans,… the rest of America ….and the people of the world,… think. Us “Others” are expected to do something to support the protesters but the protesters don’t really care about anyone but themselves.  The Eagles players, each and every one, rich beyond the dreams of so many people, sad to say, and more sad to realize, but they  are all about themselves and their own wrong, mis-guided  ideas and crazy belief’s …..but are completely tone deaf about the fans. Same for the entire Eagles Organization who have little idea about the rest of the world.

So attendance is down. That is the reaction of the counter-protesters..

Fewer fans watch on TV. In the community, awareness consists of what the community is aware of not what the individual. rich Eagles are fighting for instead of playing football.

There are millions of causes and so many are so much greater than the feelings of some NFL football players. There is starvation.


People die from lack of food. A few thousand dollars from a rich and haughty NFL player could save a lot of people from dying. Do the players who are protesting what they feel like consider the plight of the millions of people who are starving right now? Obviously not. They are far too self interested and far too consumed about what it is like to be black in America than to be concerned about some hungry people dying because they don’t have enough food. There’s more that’s far worse than how a black NFL player feels about his personal problem.


There are wars… There are millions dying in armed conflicts but the Eagles Players are not concerned about actual deaths. Instead they are all wrapped up in their personal race-based feelings. They are completely stupid about what’s really going on in the world.   They could give a few thousand to really helping people who are desperate for help instead on constantly telling us about how it feels or what it’s like to be black. Give me a break from this trivial nonsense, trivial to me, perhaps only to me but my God there are real people really dying, in America and in so many places that the NFL players could make a tremendous difference by taking a stand against a real problem instead of making up problems for the fans.

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