America is said to have a race problem… Well, yes but it’s limited to one race and that’s not the white race. Here’s why the race problem is not because of whites. America is home to millions of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Lebanese, Jews, Thais, and Vietnamese. Few whites care. Many welcome it. Members of various brown and yellow races rise to high positions in America. Nobody cares. The CEO of IBM is Arvind Krishna; of Google, Sundar Pichai; of Microsoft, Satya Nadella; of AMD, Lisa Su; of nVidia, Jenson Huang; the founder of Facebook and cofounder of Google, Jews. Asians dominate the rigorous technical universities, MIT, CalTech, and so on. The Latin American population is problematic because of its size and newness, but there is no Brown Lives Matter, no Latino Knockout Game, few if any racial murders of whites. Latinos assimilate, start businesses, date whites, intermarry, and there is no problem. This is not racism. America does not have a race problem unless one purposely misrepresents the situation.

What the black’s mob and it’s white Liberal supporters now demand, and are getting, is the dismantling of a civilization it doesn’t like and can’t understand.

Note: everything blacks demand involves degradation of some standard. Universities abandon standard English because blacks can’t learn it or are not interested. This means blacks will finish: “graduate” unable to write a coherent sentence. They will remain unemployable. Blacks have forced Universities to abandon math requirements, meaning:  white students won’t know algebra because blacks can’t do it. English literature must go because blacks are not interested. Academic departments must hire black faculty, meaning professors who would never have even been considered were they white. Silicon Valley, very brain intensive, must hire blacks who will be no more than quota plugs and desk ornaments. The blacks do not understand that free stuff has to come from somewhere, that monthly checks require an internationally competitive economy to produce them, and that smart phones do not just arrive in boxes but must be invented by very smart people who know lots of mathematics. Saying this is unfair to blacks who so hold down jobs and who do study, yet the cities burn. It isn’t working.

It can’t go on. People are buying guns, many guns.

Separation is the only answer. It’s back to the natural order of things where people of the same race prefer people of that race and marry them. 

Blacks and whites have never managed to live together well, don’t live together well, and show no signs that they ever will.

Separation seems to be what blacks want. In university after university, they demand, and get: segregated dormitories; separate dining halls, and separate recreation facilities. They react angrily when whites move into their neighborhoods. They burn their neighborhoods intermittently, but predictably, when a white does something bad to a black. They should have semi-autonomous enclaves with their own police if they want police, their own universities in which they could study anything, everything, or nothing as they saw fit. Integration causes all of these problems. Not a good solution, there being no good solution, but maybe seperation is the best solution. Also, maybe, …separation is the only solution.  Otherwise the dance continues. 

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