With the appointment of Evan Stone, a self-admitted Republican who recently became a political hack, to the Bucks County Planning Board, the County Commissioners made a huge mistake, and are asked to discontinue his appointment forthwith. Mr. Stone’s several terms, 11 years worth, on the Northampton Planning Board having expired he was politically appointed to the Bucks County Planning Board. The County will come to regret the move. At the end of Stone’s Northampton appointments, Northampton Supervisor Frank Rothermel praised Stone, thanked him for his service, congratulated him on his appointment to the County Board and wished him well.

Stone bit him.

How? In a rambling political attack Letter to the Editor, Stone railed against Supervisor Rothermel for not re-appointing him. Stone forgot his Republican back-roomers had appointed him, not a Democrat, to the planning board as they had to every Board for the past two hundred years. Stone also forgot Supervisor Rothermel kept Stone in power for over a year. Stone should have thanked Rothermel for keeping him on the planning board but instead, like a Cobra, he bit him.  


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