The results of the 2013 Primary are not fully counted. The write-in votes are not posted on the County website but the victory of a big out-group is clear. Michelle Christian, endorsed by the Old Guard Republicans was defeated by the out-group. Their candidate was an unlikely in-group Prothonatory, Patricia Bachtle who became not only the candidate of the out-group but it’s flag-bearer and champion. The margin of victory is clear but small. Two major in-groups , Bensalem township and Northampton township voted for the Old Guard, Northampton providing the highest percent return against Bachtle. the rest of the county went solidly for Bachtle. the victory was statistically small but the effect was huge. There’s a new game going for Bucks County Republicans.

As a Northampton resident and registered Republican it’s clear that the township Republicans were handed some big defeats but the Old Guard still runs Northampton. Same for Bensalem. Part of the problems in those two now Rogue townships come from dyed in the wool official who refuse to cede leadership to newer candidate. How ironic that Bachtle a long time office holder herself defeated the old guard.

So it’s a new day in Bucks for the ruling class. Where it goes is unknown because the new rules haven’t been written. Perhaps a coalition. Unlikely, but politics causes surprising types of cooperation. The November elections will be more important for Bucks than the National elections because there’s more passion here.

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