Members of the anti-Trump propaganda media were blind to what they were watching. If anything, their pettiness in complaining about various events was a further condemnation of their complete loss of any sense of balance. They complained because president Trump used the lawn of the White House for his acceptance speech but  president Franklin Delano Roosevelt previously, in 1940, had accepted the Democratic nomination from the White House.

The stage and the White House were beautiful, and the fireworks may have been the most amazing Washington has ever seen. Watching the fireworks go off above the Washington Monument was a lifetime experience – even watching on television. The irony of using fireworks which had been invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago was lost on the media. Fireworks are a traditional July 4th celebration to celebrate America’a freedom. It was entirely appropriate and a brilliant use of fireworks to celebrate president Trumps acceptance as the Republican candidate for the presidency.

This was a controlled, serious, thoughtful and eminently presidential Trump – exactly what his critics had called for over the last three-and-a-half years. It confused them when they actually experienced it. This was an incumbent president sharing with the American people his understanding of what had been accomplished, what was worth fighting for, and what he would accomplish if reelected. It was a serious, adult speech. What some reporters thought was flat or uninspiring was Eisenhower-like in its calm, commonsense language.

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