A real living doll of a woman, Ann-Margarte is only five foot three inches tall but she’s full of the fire and zest for life.Ann Margret 1968.jpgMovie Market - Prints & Posters of Ann-Margret 103467

On Sunday, September 10, 1972, at age 31 while performing at Lake Tahoe, she fell 22 feet from an elevated platform to the stage and suffered injuries including a broken left arm, cheekbone, and jawbone. She required meticulous facial reconstructive surgery that required wiring her mouth shut and putting her on a liquid diet. Unable to work for 10 weeks, she ultimately returned to the stage almost back to normal.. Twenty eight years later in the year 2000 riding a motorcycle in Minnesota at age 60 Ann hit hit a sandy patch and was thrown from her motorcycle. She broke her shoulder and three ribs. She didn’t let that stop her from being a grand marshal in a parade the next day where she waved to the people with her other arm.

The chemistry between her and Elvis on the set was noticed but led nowhere after the movie was finished as Elvis went on to marry Priscilla who is only an inch taller than Ann Margret.

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