Why weren’t any of the people in Charlie Hebdo armed? Didn’t they know there were Terrorists from an Arab Death Cult living in Paris who wanted to murder them like they murdered Theo vanGogh in Holland? Like they murdered almost 2,900 Americans on 9/11? Like they murdered the Olympians in Munich in 1972? These nitwits have been murdering people for decades so the French should have been armed, right?

What? The French government forbid them to carry a pistol? Don’t the French know how a pistol makes it easier to defend oneself? The French government is similar to most other government’s. They want government in control so they take away the people’s pistols.

How easy would it have been for the people to shoot back if a few pistols were in Charlie Hebdo’s office?

Next time some nitwit want’s to know why it’s important for the people to be armed tell them to remember Charlie Hebdo. A few guns in the office could have saved some lives.

Let’s not let the government’s around the world try to tell us people shouldn’t have at least a little pistol in their handbag or pocket. Let’s see a little pushback against government’s who forbid people to defend themselves with a pistol. Crime goes down when the people are armed.

Want a more vivid example? Check out what the NAZI military did in Warsaw at the Jewish Ghetto because a few Zionists had a few pistols. The powerful Warmacht refused to enter until they could disarm the Jews. That’s the kind of difference a few small pistols can make. In Paris the dead at Charlie Hebdo also prove the value of a few pistols. RIP because you were forbidden to carry some small pistols.


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