“A decade ago, in 2006, Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s personal net worth at $900 million. He cashed in on his revolution by taking a load of tax money and buying  many homes, a lot of land, spending money on women, cars and bought jewelry for them.

Casteo was born rich and stayed rich his entire life. Fidel’s father Ángel Castro owned, operated and made a lot of money raising and selling suger cane from his prosperous 25,000-acre, 400-employee sugar plantation (called Las Manacas farm) in the small town of Birán, Cuba—about 500 miles from Havana on the eastern end of the island. The property now serves as a Castro museum. How much does 25,000 acres of land in Cuba cost? Castro never gave up being rich but he kept it a secret so he could continue to get more and more money away from the Cuban people. Pope Francis meets Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba in 2015. The Vatican described the meeting at... [+] Castro's residence as informal and familial, with an exchange of books. (AP Photo/Alex Castro)Pope Francis meets Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba in 2015.

Fidel Castro met foreign leaders, dignitaries and Popes at his elaborate homestead, Punto Cero, including Pope John Paul II in 1998, Pope Benedict in 2012, and Pope Francis in 2015. Despite his Jesuit background, Castro was an atheist. Yet, hypocritically he still reveled meeting Popes, even exchanging religious books with them.

Castro had a home inside the gated community “Punto Cero” (Point Zero), his top-secret 75-acre suburban Havana home which resembled a vast military compound. Punto Cero was far from the “fisherman’s cottage” Castro publicly claimed as his main asset. The luxurious complex in the Jaimanitas neighborhood (15 miles outside Havana proper) served as Castro’s summer residence near the capital city’s embassy district. According to Castro’s former bodyguard (as reported by InCuba Today), he also owned a residences in Cayo Piedra (a stones throw from the Bay of Pigs), La Caleta del Rosario, which featured a private marina; and La Deseada, a chalet in Pinar del Río—reportedly one of Castro’s favorite duck hunting spots.

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