He’s on his last legs deformed both intellectually and physically from and by his constant life full of hate. He’s always been short and now he is called “The Waddler” because of his side-to-side leanings as he attempts to walk. Born in 1947 this infernal man ruined his own body by eating far too much. He needed surgery to make his stomach smaller which reduced his weight by 100 pounds. He’s a very little man, only about five foot one inch high in his stocking feet so he wears elevator shoes to make his small self appear higher. His main problem is his hate for all things Trump. He is very anti-freedom and is one of the most Liberal members of the house. Here’s hoping he will be defeated and removed from our sight. He’s been living in Washington since 1992, far too long for him to be objective. A dose of Hate inside the People’s House.

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