Most immigrants are delighted to be in a new country because of the many opportunities they gain. Economic freedom, at least much more than in their birth-country, more physical freedom, for many women they can drive a car, an activity forbidded to them where they were born. But they want to be the same in ways that are impossible to people born in the new country. Religion is a powerful force in the lives of many people but when the religion of the new country is different than their birth-country they must decide to keep or abandon their belief system. Most people will not do that. They will worship as they were taught even when it must be done in private.

Immigrants do not feel the same in a different country. Often their prejudices inform them they are in danger. Real danger is very different than imagined danger yet the imagination id often in control. So they riot.

Not every immigrant remains true to their original country or culture. Many, perhaps most will grow in their esteem and gratitude to their new home and it’s people. Some will resist. Some will stop thinking about the issue but some will be hostile and others will riot.

America provided many wonderful advantages for the Tzarnov, (sic.) brothers, the Boston Bombers. They lived a life full of deceits. They practiced a severe mental hostility against America. They remained committed to their goals of murdering Americans. Same thing is going on in Sweden. The European deception of the goodness of multi-culturism has been shattered. Giving benefits to people under obligation to murder you is nonsensical. Sweden received a wake-up call. What they do to stop the dangers to Swedes hasn’t been determined.

The left wants even more welfare. That will encourage more immigration, increase the tensions and make a bad situation worse. There’s a limit to providing benefits to some which means others¬†must be penalized to pay for the benefits. America has immigration problems. Sweden has immigration problems that are much different than America’s but both countries try to buy the loyalty of immigrants instead of requiring immigrants to stand on their own feet as soon as the honeymoon is over

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