Hope the idea doesn’t go away. Council Rock United Soccer Association is a wonderful group of kids who love soccer, their coaches and their parents. CRUSA proposed a trial program for lights on a soccer field in the huge Northampton Municipal Park. Their idea was for CRUSA to pay for rental lights and use them, not for soccer games but for soccer practice because the fields with lights are used for games. CRUSA made a well-thought out proposal and four supervisors were in favor of giving it a go but a few nasty citizens and one stick-in-the-mud supervisor ruined it. The nasties shouted and waved their arms in phony anger. One ex-supervisor said the township had promised “No Lights” when the park was given to Northampton by the Navy. The ex-supervisor was the only resident at the meeting who lived near the park. A few other noxious people who don’t care about kids suddenly wanted the supervisors to reject the proposal for CRUSA to turn on some lights on one soccer field that’s far from private homes.

Other townships have lights on high poles so the kids and the adults can get some outdoor exercise when the earth tilts back from the sun and the days get shorter. But the beasties fussed and fumed and tricked CRUSA into thinking the neighbors were against the lights. It was only three misguided big-mouth’s but CRUSA withdrew their request for lights.

Scenes like future supervisor meetings will get more entertaining as the nasties tell more fibs. Tune in to a Northampton Supervisor meeting and watch as a few low-brow’s get up and entertain us with their fictions.

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