It’s about the survival of our civilization. It’s either the rioters and looters or us. We are so far beyond the law now… We’re at a place where Democrats, along with the corporate media, academia, and even some historians, are championing gangsters and howling mobs tearing down and desecrating statues and monuments.

Because “racism” is the rationale of the Woke Taliban’s lawlessness and those who applaud and defend them, then nothing is safe from this lawlessness. Any monument to our Founding Fathers or even Christopher Columbus is eventually doomed to these mobs and vandals (this has already begun), and then they will come for the Christian Church — a Church the media and left have spent decades smearing as racist and homophobic.

And then what? What comes down next?

It’s no secret what’s next…

The answers are “Mein Kampf” and Mao.

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