The PA Supreme Court would be the most likely agency to issue the final restraining order against the Wolf Adminstration and get Pennsylvania fully opened up again if he is sued in Commonwealth Court and the appeal goes to the PA Supreme Court.

OTOH, A U.S. Federal Court lawsuit could be filed in Federal Court at 6th and Arch in Philadelphia on behalf of injured citizens of Southeastern PA. In that case the final appeal and ORDER could come from the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Somebody has to do something to get Governor Woof-Woof Wolfie to issue an order immediately calling for the state to re-open PA because citizens are suffering great harm because of the un-necessary and unconstitutional shut-down.

These cases could be filed Pro-Se by an ordinary citizen but the chances of a Pro-Se litigant winning in political Pennsylvania is zero. The best plan would be for a lawsuit to be filed by an attorney. The suit could be written and filed by a non-lawyer citizen but it would have a chance to succeed only if it’s underwritten by an attorney.

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