Not Obama but the government will take ten percent of the deposits in the savings and checking accounts of the people in Cyprus. Think that cannot happen in America? Why not? The American Government, just like the Cyprus government has the power to take money from people and the American Income tax can be almost four times higher than the Cyprus Bank Account Tax.

The United States Supreme Court ruling in Obamacare ruled Obamacare violated the Constitution; that government did not have the power to regulate and control Medical care but it could tax people if they did not pay for medical insurance. How perverse is that? In America Obama charges us for not doing something. That’s as immoral as government can get and immorality did not stop Obama, even when the Supreme Court ruled he didn’t have the power to take over the Medical profession.

Obama and his friends who voted for Obamacare are taking money from not only the bank accounts, like Cyprus is doing but from the pay of every worker. A tax does not matter how it’s paid. A tax must be paid. At least in Cyprus the money must be in a savings account before it’s taken but Obamacare demands the money even if there is no bank account. The Obamacare medical tax is far worse than the Cyprus tax on money in the bank. It’s a tax on money that people cannot afford to put in the bank. That’s the nature of a tax. How a person pays it is irrevelant. It must be paid. In America people are put in jail for not paying income taxes. At least in Cyprus, if you don’t have the money in the bank you don’t have to pay the 10% tax.

Obama did not take 10% of your bank account like Cyprus is trying to do, he took 100% of the money you must spend on Obama’s medical scheme.

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