And: Susan Rice and the Obama Adminstration is/are on the verge of being identified as using Government to eliminate the Trump Candidacy. True that.


Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was again on the radio on Monday and this time he tore into Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, Former Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and D.C. Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

The reason Susan Rice is squealing and screaming about [current Acting DirectGrenell is because she knows she’s in the cross-hairs of John Durham.

6:10 “[Former Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Michael] Rogers has met with [US Attorney John] Durham regularly, we are told, regularly, in an effort to explain NSA activities and the violation of NSA rules by Susan Rice and others.  One of the things we know is there has been grand jury testimony, no doubt about that.”

6:40 “I’m expecting a broad conspiracy charge which will be against Brennan and others to deny the President and people associated with the President, like Carter Page, of their civil rights.  But also a huge conspiracy count to defraud the United States government of the faithful service of its employees.”

diGenova went on to express deep admiration for Richard Grenell and to point out more about the Durham Investigation, and much more.  At the end of the interview diGenova discussed DC Judge Amy Berman Jackson and stated that he knew her for a long time but that her opinion in the Stone case about juror bias was sophomoric and shows Judge Jackson is a biased judge against anyone related to President Trump.

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