In a massive display of ignorance and of opposition to freedom of speech ex-UN ambassador Susan Rice said:

“…. it’s shameful. I mean for the United States to be race-baiting and to be treating a virus —which never has a flag, can’t have a flag as being the providence of one country is designed to be decisive.”….

No, president Trump was referring to the origin of the pandemic flu, Wuhan, in China where the virus was first detected by the Chinese.

Rice rattled on: “It’s designed to stigmatize people of Asian descent”… (Wrong again, Mz Ricebowl, Chinese come from China. Asia is a vast area that contains 49 different countries  and even more races including: Mongols, Uighurs, Indians from India, Bengals, Sikes so Rice is wrong yet again. Her agenda, an agenda which she hides and pretends instead to be objective when she’s simply attacking, for political purposes, because she  just wants to demonize the orangeman).. “and it’s not the way the leadership of the United States, the secretary of state and the president of the United States ought to be behaving, in the best of times, but certainly not in a crisis. The reality is that viruses can arise in any corner of the globe and spread to any corner of the globe.” (Yes they can but this virus arose in China, not a different corner of the globe.) “in 2009, when we were dealing with the Swine flu pandemic, that arose in North America, in Mexico and then in the United States before it spread across the planet.” (What about the Spanish flu that originated in Spain? The Hong Kong flu which originated in Hong Kong?) )

“So it doesn’t serve us well,” she babbled on, “It doesn’t serve the objective of squelching the virus globally to brand it in nationalistic or xenophobic or racist terms. We all have to work together on this. We can stamp out this virus effectively, eventually in the United States. China may be able to do it on its side of the world, but if it’s not stamped out everywhere, it will come back, be resurgent and be our problem yet again. So the reality of this is we have a global problem.” ….. 

Let’s remind Ms. Little Stinker that Donald Trump is president of the United States, not the globe.. He is not in a position to solve a problem of the globe. He’s been elected and now he must work to solve the problem of the Wuhan Flu in America and only in America. Perhaps if Mz Stink Mouth had known she was the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, not the Ambassador of the UN in America as she acted. she would have been more effective.

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