The Left has invented plenty of names for fat people like obese, overweight, extra weight, . The Heart Attack Grill literally celebrates obesity. Customers who are over 350 pounds eat for free. On the wall are prominent displays advertising menu items such as “Quadruple Bypass Burgers” that carry 8,000 calories, and “Flatliner Fries” that are deep-fried in pure lard. Perhaps joking, owner Basso says, “We’re in the front lines of the battle against anorexia.”

But owner Jon Basso knows fat is dangerous and in many cases fatal. The Centers for Disease Control tells us that obese people have a substantially higher risk not only for heart attacks, but also for diabetes, most cancers, and many other types of cardiovascular disease. Fatal illnesses. Fat based fatal.

Does it help to gloss over weight problems that leave the overweights more vulnerable to disease and early death? No, of course not.

We live in a society that tends to cruelly stigmatize the obese. The Heart Attack Grill represents one form of response. It can feel empowering to turn shame into defiance. When society points its finger at you, blaming you and denying its own illness, there is a natural urge to send a message back to society with your middle finger. But Trump is helping Rosie more than she knows. By holding her up to ridicule she may decide to adopt a healthier life sty;;e. If that happens, Donald Trump will be turned into one of her heroes.

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