The most despicible people are politicians and with good reason. They profit from tragedies like the hurricanes, floods and tornadoes but they can’t get lower than using the tiny children of the Sandy Hook Elementry school who were massacred by an idiot. ap obama gun control 130116 wblog Obamas 2nd Term Army: 20 Million Activists, Corporate Cash, Ready to Rumble

Obama’s Chief of Staff, now Mayor of Chicago goes by the lndecently ludicrious inversion-of-language title of “His Honor”. That’s a tragedy of huge consequence. Emanual knows cows can be milked, people can be exploited and innocent citizens exposed to the dangers of a government with total control over unarmed citizens.

Unarmed, defenseless and cowed by a rapacious government that is even more out of control than the gang-bangers who routinely pay-off the politicians, the judges, law enforcement and rule the underworld and the surface world of that cesspool of political corruption, home of “Bomber Bill Ayres, friend of Obama and Emanual. Chicago, like Philly, Detroit, Baltimore, South-Central L.A., Camden and other inner cities, has a gun problem. Banning guns will make it worse just as it did in Australia after Sydney confiscated the guns of the innocent. Murders are often helped by, if not actually caused by,  the lack of law enforcement but it’s not only the police who go along with the gang-bangers, it’s the judges, the DA’s, the lawyers and the people who are frightened by angry people who naively believe controlling guns will control crime.

Chicago, the home-state of Obama, is legendary in the history of America. Al Capone, John Dillenger, Buggsy Morgan and other notorious thugs also hail from the Windy City which currently stands out as one of the highest murder rate places on the planet. Of course “His Honor”, like the other running dogs who preceeded him like Richard Daley Sr., Richard Daley Jr, Dan Rostenkowski who sold postage stamps back to the United States Post office to raise money for, well they say prostitutes provide a civic service too.

And who can forget during much of the last half of the 19th century, Chicago’s politics were dominated by a growing Democratic Party organization dominated by ethnic ward-heelers.  The modern era of politics is still dominated by machine politics in many ways, and the Chicago Democratic Machine became a style honed and perfected by Richard J. Daley after his election in 1955. Richard M. Daley, his son, is a former mayor of Chicago and had served for 21 years as mayor and 38 as a “public servant”. Daley announced on September 7, 2010 that he will not be seeking re-election.[5] Daley was succeeded by former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Wikipedia reports: “The New Deal of the 1930s and the Great Society of the 1960s gave the Democratic Party access to new funds and programs for housing, slum clearance, urban renewal, and education, through which to dispense patronage and maintain control of the city. [1] Richard J. Daley’s mastery of machine politics preserved the Chicago Democratic Machine long after the demise of similar machines in other large American cities.[6] During much of that time, the city administration found opposition mainly from a liberal “independent” faction of the Democratic Party. This included African Americans and Latinos. In the Lakeview/Uptown 46th Ward. The first Latino to announce an aldermanic bid against a Daley loyalist was Jose (Cha-Cha)Jimenez, the Young Lords founder. The independents finally won control of city government in 1983 with the election of Harold Washington. Since Washington’s death, Chicago has returned to the leadership of the Democratic organization led by Richard M. Daley, although it may differ from the previous ward-based organization, as it relies on other groups, such as the Hispanic Democratic Organization.” Home-town columnist Mike Royko wrote satirically that Chicago’s motto (Urbs in Horto or “City in a Garden”) should instead be Ubi est mea, or “Where’s Mine?

Obama knows very well where his is and that’s why he’s milking the Newtown tragedy to dis-arm the innocent so the guilty can continue their crime spree. Despicable.  Should be impeached

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