In the Hindu tradition an Avatar is a deity that deliberately descended to earth. The Christian parallel is Jesus Christ. Obama is seen by many as an Avatar – here to help us. A Messiah above this earth, a SkyGod, who deserves songs, accolades, poems and sacrifices which is why so many people are willing to sacrifice themselves and their neighbors. Sacrifice for what? That hardly matters. The idea of self-sacrifice is stronger than the pull of a temporary skygod who must return to earth in four more years. Hell doesn’t matter to Avatars. It hasn’t constrained or restrained Obama so it has no hopeful expectations. Neither does he respect the Constitution. It’s four more years of Hell-On-Earth for the mortals.

We know Obama must leave in four years. How much damage will he do before that? Look. He damaged the American economy during the past four years by borrowing so much money that the value of the money decreased and America is further in debt because of him. Even worse was the way he spent, wasted, really, the money and the way he will waste more going foreword.

There’s nothing substantive to the man. He’s a human version of the cameleon, the mythic Santa, the imaginary Superman,  a showman without an act. Obama is a vacumn into which the closest things can flow. Like the hired clown at the kids party, making ballon shapes with no real principles he can only destroy and he has.

Obama, (and Hillary) inspired many. Alkada, (Phonetic) comes to mind, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, all the Muslim jihadiis,and those small-minded little thugs in the pathetic gangs bent on destroying the good because the good is good. Out of the destruction they cause comes motivation for the ObamaBots who wail: “Save Us!”

Yeah. Yor’re not wortyh saving. You’re part of Obama’s intellectual illlusion, his Kenyan Communitarian, his Alinsky based path of revenge and destruction that the Obama Avatar is bringing.

It takes an almost supernatural effort to continue the Illusion of Obama in the face of the failures. Unfortunately for the lucid, Obama has acolytes. The Supreme Court. The Democrats. The Blacks. The Latinos,.The Justice Department, Homeland Security, the EPA, the AFT, the Fast and the Furious, the DEA, the IRS, HHS and all of the statist nihilists who seek revenge and destruction. The Avatar has come to destroy.  

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