Clint, a known philanderer with an unbelieavable string of other woman in his background can’t keep his promises. This Promise Breaker said he: “wishes the president would act ‘in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names.'” Yeah, Clint and your string of jilted females wish you could keep a promise longer than it takes to unzip.

How would it look to call Hitler by a gentle name like the “Holy Man Of Heilinghaus”? Or it is better to call Hitler “A NAZI?” My vote goes to NAZI. Eastwood can go all soft and gooey but the president of the United States needs to be a strong leader, not a gooey softie.

So Eastwood, the Hollywood legend who stood in front of the whole world to ridicule Precious Obama as an empty chair, is put off by Trump’s tweets, put off by his outbursts, petty feuds, and his trolling…. And the only reason I mention the empty chair is to remind people that Eastwood is fearless, which means no one can credibly claim he’s choosing Bloomberg over president Trump to seek favor in Hollywood.

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