It was a stunt that backfired on Pelosi, ended up making her look like a grandma off her meds and led the groundswell that went against her violations of the rules of the House and Senate.

She stood up, disdainfully held the presidents speech in full view of Congress and the nation, and gleefully ripped the speech in half. She was photographed “pre-ripping” the pages before she began tearing the papers just as Trump finished saying, “God bless America.” This will not be good for Nancy..

In a new low for Congress Pelosi violated the Code of Official Conduct requiring Members “behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” When Trump handed VP Pence and Pelosi a copy of his speech before he made it she offered her hand. Trump did not shake it. Nor did he shake VP Pence’s hand. Perhaps Pelosi was mad about that.

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