She’s no asset to the Democrat team. She’s not only offended Pelosi, she’s pissed off the entire Congressional Black Caucus. She’s infuriated blue congresspeople in red districts, such as Native American congresswoman Sharice Davids of Oklahoma. She’s also without local friends. The Daily News reports she’s trying to get Reps. Yvette Clarke, Eliot Engels, and Hakeem Jeffries, all New York City Democrats, primaried, as well as other black members of the Congressional Black Caucus elsewhere. She’s even annoyed Mayor Bill de Blasio, who worked hard to get Amazon to place its headquarters in Ocasio-Cortez’s district, only to see her flippantly chase them off, with Amazon making it clear she was the reason for the pullout. She’s burned through potential allies like a leftist burns through public funds.

AOC and “The Squad”, Omar, Rashid and Pressley, the three other obnoxious ones empower Donald Trump.  Ultimately, they play the race card because they are racists, who self-define by their appearance and their ethnic backgrounds in an ever more integrated, multiracial country in which the effort to transcend those Neanderthal considerations was largely the story of the last century.

Say goodnight Alexandria.

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