Here’s the flag JLO used.Jennifer Lopez and Emme Maribel MunizSuper Bowl LIV, Halftime show, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, USA - 02 Feb 2020 It’s not the flag of one of our 50 states. It’s the flag of Puerto Rico that is not an American state but it gets welfare money and other money from America. Why did JLO use a tricky red, white and blue cape that looked like Old Glory but unfurled into the flag of Puerto Rico? Maybe she’s not so fond of America after all but she likes our money. Even worse, the trashy, “stick your crotch into the camera” costumes and show were derogatory to all women. JLO’s costume had a small slit of black leather in her crotch that demeaned her and her audience which included small children and bormonal teens who got all worked up by the lascivious strip show that was nothing but burlesque and slutty. Shakira emulated cunnilingus directly into the camera. This was pornography which has no place at the Superbowl. these are dumb, skutty pornographic boneheaded cretins. No one needs to watch them anymore.

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