Payments to his son Hunter from BURISMA, called one of the most corrupt organizations by Peter Schwartz was and probably is only one example of the illicit use of whatever he touched. Joe Biden has openly bragged about how he witheld $1.8 billion from Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter. Vice President Mike Pence said: “the American people have a right to know” when it comes to the wide-scale corruption of his predecessor, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Biden’s family members.

“This president has said we’re going to drain the swamp. Joe Biden has been a part of the Washington establishment for decades. As he’s campaigning for the highest office in the land, the American people have the right not only to ask the questions but to get answers.”

Also asked if he thinks Hunter Biden should be called to testify in the upcoming U.S. Senate impeachment trial over the House’s impeachment of Trump, Pence said that is up to Senators—but noted that the talk of witnesses is a sign of how weak the House’s case against Trump really is.

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