She caused the split between Princes William and Harry. She snubbed her white father Thomas Markle and elevated her black mother Doria Ragland for whatever reasons but she’s not talking about what or why. Meghan Markle is an exceptionally stunning loking woman partly because she is half white and half black. There’s no information about the exact amount of black and white genes she carries. Even a genetic analysis cannot identify exactely or with sufficient certainy the combination of white and black genes that make up her DNA. Genes do not mingle in any known scientific or orderly manner. She’s at the very least self-conflicted about who she is and at worst very controlling and manipulative of Prince Harry who is too nice of a fellow to remain associated with her lot.

Maghan doesn’t fit in the world of her father nor of her mother. She’s as independent as the wind and she found and married a prince who always was a prince. She was not born a princess and like too many who don’t know their place, worked against her father… Too bad she’s like that,..  but on her side we don’t know the full story of her, her mother and her father. In a more perfect world Meghan Markle could have had it all. Worldwide acclaim, a perfect family and an adoring fanbase but she’s not an adorable being. Favored by nature, …yes, … but from there on we don’t know. This rocket don’t fly.

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