The base of any philosoophy, of a correct system of thinking starts with a view of everything. Three choices. reality, .. mysticism, … a combination. Most people go for the combo. It’s the easiest to peddle to others but it wrong. There is only reality. No way to go around it, over it, under it or through it. Reality simply is and those who fail to get it will bump up against wrong things like dropping out and reciting mantras hoping, wishing wasting time going in the wrong direction. Answers are not in the sky, in cathedrals or in a drug-induced haze. It’s reality. Nothing else. Pretty simple but do people get it? No. Some people get it. Many live their lives according to reality but attribute their successes to luck, passion, prayer, a good partner but its simple really, it’s just reality. There’s no second choice.

Next there’s the process or proceedure  to get the right conclusions. The operating system. The proper thought process. Many options. Lots of choices, different ways to get to the right answer but only the intellect works. The process is called reason, the ability to think but it needs to be guided by reality. Those are the two big essentials, reason and reality. They are Metaphysics and Epistemology. Big words that mean the system of everything and the way to think about everything. The third essential is a political system that’s proper for thinking people living in the real world. that means Capitalism, the system based on freedom, on liberty and on the attributes of free people.  This isn’t hard.

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