Epstein supposedly committed suicide….. yea, … but….

Prince Andrew got caught supposedly paying for sex with Virginia Roberts who became Virginia Guiffre three to five times. He is seen in a photograph with his arm around her and her arm around him which he says is fake and she says is real. She says only one of us is telling the truth and it’s not him. Should we take the word of a rather loose woman who seems to have been compromised?  But she took the money… These are crappy people. It’s unfortunate some people get on a wrong path but the good news is Virginia is married with two or three children and is suing Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell and who or whatever else is involved. Maybe she’s even suing the dumb-assed prince who ruined his own life in the process of happily, stupidly hooking up with Ghislane and Epstein..

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