Shades of WikiLeaks or Edward Snowden’s book: “PERMANENT RECORD” that explains some of the ways government spies on all of us. It is even spying on itself because government people don’t trust anyone which includes all of the other government people.  That’s what spying on everyone all of the time means. And government keeps records on everyone it spies on. Forever, meaning permanently as in Snowden’s book. What a terrible position to be in, .. to be spied upon from even before you were born….

One of the largest intelligence and security services in the world, known as the Stasi by East Germans, it used some 90,000 regular employees—and nearly double that number of informers—to surveil the country’s 17 million people. The Stasi archive, which survived the collapse of the state, contains more than 102 linear miles (164 km) of files on four million East German citizens. Stasi foreign intelligence was managed for more than three decades by Markus Wolf, a legendary spymaster whose organization penetrated the West German armed forces, intelligence services, and political parties. All observers agree that the East Germans won the intelligence Cold War in Germany.

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