A year ago Mira Ricardel was removed from the presidents staff at the White House. “She’s (Mira) one of the meanest people I have ever dealt with,” one former administration official said.

Among Ms. Ricardel’s offenses, three people familiar with the situation said, was a dispute over airplane seating — she wanted to have a say over who was given seats on the plane to Africa. She grew angry when a seat for a National Security Council staff member on the plane was pulled to accommodate journalists.

Ms. Ricardel also withheld resources from the first lady before she traveled to Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Egypt last month, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Before and during the trip, Mrs. Trump’s senior staff members operated without logistical information, readily available policy documents or basic communication as they arrived in places where security could be tight and tense, and the movements hectic. They said Ms. Ricardel was the reason for the delay.

The episode so incensed Mrs. Trump that she brought up those infractions and others — including her belief that Ms. Ricardel was spreading negative stories about her and her staff — to John F. Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff. Complaints from Mrs. Trump and her aides made their way to the national security adviser, John R. Bolton, but the tension continued unaddressed until this week, when Mrs. Trump’s office all but called for Ms. Ricardel’s removal.

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