The plane, an Air Tractor AT 602  Crop Duster was limited to one passenger. There were two aboard. One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds so 350 gallons weighs  2,919 pounds. The AT 602 can safely carry 500 U.S. gallons of liquid fertilizer. So why did it crash after dumping 350 gallons of pink water? It had plenty of power. Dumping 2,919 pounds as fast as it can would make the aircraft go faster and when an aircraft goes faster it develops MORE lift but the aircraft apparently stalled which means it stopped developing the lift needed to keep it flying. What happened?

The elevator trim could have been set to provide more lift meaning it was set to provide “UP ELEVATOR”. When the water was dumped the aircraft would have pitched UP and stalled because the pilot failed to push the stick DOWN which would have had to be done as the 2,919 pounds of water was released. If the pilot was surprised by the sudden nose-up the aircraft would have stalled before the stick was pushed DOWN to stop the stall. If the aircraft was trimmed to carry the 2,919 pounds of water it would have had NOSE UP trim and the pilot would have had to push very, very hard to get the nose down until the aircraft was re-trimmed. The natural reaction when the aircraft nose rises would be to push down on the controls but being close to the ground would go against the natural reaction to push the nose UP to avoid hitting the ground. This is a case of severe pilot error. Stupid Chicken!