They have none. The Islamic Terrorists are only about tactics. Blowing up the Russian airliner was tactical, not strategic. Same for San Bernardino, Fort Hood, even 9/11. All done to instill terror, which is a tactic, not a plan to get something done. Fighting for the sake of fighting is non-nonsensical which is what the Islamic’s are about.

Did 9/11 move the Islamic’s closer to their goal of installing a caliphate” No. Did it gain them converts or destroy enemies? Not in any successful strategic sense. 9/11 was a tactic. Like a bank robber buying a get-a-way car. It doesn’t help get the bank robbed. It can help with the get-a-way but first the bank must be robbed. Terror for the sake of terror accomplishes nothing at all.

President Obama doesn’t get this yet. He’s all about tactics. Support Blacks. Invite them to the White House. Hire more black people but none of that helps black people because they are simply tactics. Same for the Paris and San Bernardino murders. Thay didn’t help the Islamists establish the caliphate. Obama sees terror attacks as successful but he cautions non-Islamists not to call the terrorists Muslims or to blame Islam for the attacks because that would help them. Helps them how? By converting Christians and Jews to Islamists? Not at all likely. In fact if anything, Obama’s preaching not to talk about the religion makes people realize even more the centrality of Islam to Terrorism. That drives people away from Islam which as a tactic is a failure.

Remember, Islam is 17% a religion and 83% a battle plan to handle and convert non-Islamic’s to Islamics. So attacking the battle plan is far different than attacking a religion. Islam is a Declaration of War, not essentially a religion even though is postures as one to deceive people into accepting Islamists into their midst where the Islamists can them exploit or murder them.

What can Muslims do to increase terror against Israel and the West? Nothing. The Islamists have given it their best shot and it doesn’t work except for rather small attacks which are not strategic. Terror attacks harden people hearts against Islam just as the London Blitz increased the resolve against the NAZI’s. Both Israel and the West have Muslims in their gun sights more than ever. There’s never been a really intense effort by Israel or the West to eliminate Islam so Obama is completely wrong about that and about Westerners hating Islam. 9/11 had that effect and the more Westerners reflect and discuss how to defeat Islams terror tactics the worse it gets for Muslims. Currently the West want’s to stop Islamic’s from immigrating to the West which is the opposite of what some Islamic’s want. The situation is that more Westerners want to ban Islam because it supports terror. That’s how wrong the terror policy of the Islamic’s has been and the sooner the West organizes a world-wide battle against Islam the sooner terrorism will be defeated. .

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