The Berlin Wall kept people inside Communist East Germany.

Trump’s Wall will keep illegal immigrants out of America. Illegal immigrants can not easily become legal but they can leave their original country and go to other places. They do not have to come to America. It’s not a matter of keeping nice and good people out of America. It’s keeping America full of nice and good Americans. It’s like having a door on your house to keep you safe inside. Illegal people should not be able to get inside your house. Same for America.

Legal people can come inside America and millions have by following the rules to get inside America. those who don’t follow the rules should not be able to come to America. America is or rule-keepers, not rule breakers. It’s not up to America or Americans to provide support for all of the people who want to come to America and take advantage of America’s freedom. Why don’t people in other countries make their country a place that’s as free for people as America is? It’s the other countries that are the problem so why should America and Americans solve the problems of other countries? It’s up to the other countries to solve their problems. Americans are not responsible for other countries nor can America help the other countries and America should not be held as doing something wrong just because we don’t solve the problems of other people in other places. We have problems enough to keep us occupied with solving our own problems. America doesn’t need to solve everyone elses problems although we do more than enough and pay more than enough to try to help other people in other places with their problems as well as our own.

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