The hate is palpable. It’s in the very air we breathe. It’s getting thicker and worse with the passing days. When Donald J. Trump is re-elected president in the 2020 election the Left is going to Self-Immolate. It’s not going to be a pretty sight. Unless and until the voters who elected Trump begin to actively support the president by: 1. launching investigations, 2. issuing subpoenas, and 3. impeaching the impeachers, they will go down in history as lily-livered traitors who paved the way for the breakdown of civil order, which now hangs by a thread.

Beginning with president Obama America was riven by hate. Obama hated America.  Hate changed sides when president Trump was elected. He’s not going away. All the sunny faced denials of the electric situation inside America has made it even worse. The Democrats in Congress, the Liberals in the media, the professors in the colleges are throwing gunpowder on the fire.

The Left is intoxicated with a kind of blind euphoria. America is on the verge of a major explosion.

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