second-class citizen is a person who is systematically discriminated against within a state or other political jurisdiction, despite their nominal status as a citizen or legal resident there. That applies to white people who have been virtually paralysed by the false charge of “White Supremicist”. Race has been successfully used against white people Want Some proof? Watch the commercials during an NFL game.

White people are wrongly charged of being racists yet that charge is an attack against people because of their race. One should ask: “why are white people hated so much?” They are born white which causes them to be attacked because they are white. That’s the use of race for a benefit to whoever is using the term White Supremicist. the intent is to elevate some race or skin color over white people.

When a white person is targeted by a non-white it’s an attack agaisnt a white person to benefit a non-white. No one should be held accountable to or for anything because of the race to which they are born but freezing out white people by recognizing and promoting non-white people because they are not white is undicguised racism being used against white people. Affirmative Action was designed to hurt white people by promoting non-white people. A proper culture would not judge anyone because of the appearance of their skin.


Why was this term invented? Supposedly to help non-whites overcome whites but the idea of justice means people should not appear in a commercial because of the appearance of their skin yet it is so obvious this rule is violated in most TV commercials that is needs no further proof. Rez ipso locquitor…

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