America is not a theocracy. It’s a fatal flaw when religious people decide to bring God into politics because in the minds of many people there is no higher authority than THEIR religion. Those of a different religion cannot accept Cruz’s versions of so many texts that are the biggest reasons thru the centuries for war. Religious war has a totality about it. Look at 9/11 which will forever illustrate the tremendous power of religion over the minds of believers. 

Trump is powerless over Cruz’s God. Trump attacked Ted’s character flaws. Ted called on God and his angels to defeat Trump. A bigger threat is unimaginable. If Ted knows that and proceeded apace or even worse for his intellectual ability if he didn’t know it was the worse kind of physical threat he could utter, he must not lead America because he would invoke his religion to lead America into a religious war from which there is no basis to bring together reasonable people to create peace.

Of course Cruz can practice and preach his religious views but he cannot use the power of government to enforce them which he may do because he’s openly promoting his personal religious belief’s as part of the reason he should be elected. That violates the spirit of American government as well as th oath he took to support the Constitution which is a completely legal but not at all religious document. He did that big time HERE.

The word “God” isn’t in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and the purpose of the First Amendment is to bar the Federal Government from interfering with the freedom of religion in the United States. Congress may not establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise of religion in America but it also must support the belief’s of people who are against religion. It cannot do that when officials either deny religion or support it. The purpose of the First Amendment is to stop any abuse by the Federal Government of religion including using it to promote an election.

Cruz either doesn’t entirely respect the Constitution, doesn’t understand it or he’s ignoring it. He’s manipulating people with his religious ideas to get votes or to deprive other candidates from getting them. That’s an abuse of religion as well as an abuse of the Constitution and it’s agaisnt the founding principles of America which are to promote union.

Using religion to manipulate people has been used by rulers since time out of mind. That’s the basis of Jefferson’s warnings when the Constitution was written which is why the Constitution did not invoke God as the basis for America even though most of the men who wrote and approved the Constitution were religious. A set of rules and laws to join all people in a country must stand on on their own merits, and not the sacred texts which separate people. Cruz ran right past those lines. He will not renounce his behavior because in his religious mind it would renounce his religion and he cannot do that. He committed the worst type of facinerious error and he should resign from government service because he has violated his sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution which he swore on a bible.

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