She’s smart, educated and cunning but missing a sense of why viewers tune into a debate. She thinks it’s her job to trip them up to show their weaknesses but not their strengths. “We were trying to get to, what’s your weak spot?” Why not find and analyse their strengths too? Why not be objective and neutral instead of showing off and becoming part of the story? Kelly isn’t running for anything. Why did she believe it’s up to her to trip up Trump? She’s become a rather bitter woman.¬†

Trump wasn’t after her. He should have known or at least he should have been warned she wasn’t there to reveal his attributes which would have meant she was objective. Kelly explained to Jimmie Fallon that” “All of those guys kind of got it right in the kisser.” rather a violent, audacious metaphor for a TV News reader but she sees herself as part of the opposition. Why didn’t she and FOX get Hillary? They pose as Conservative and Republican friendly and of¬†course Hillary knows she’s going to be ambushed. Trump never suspected Kelly was so hostile to him, to men and to the Republican candidates. Her misandry is obvious.

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