Shot in her back where a bullet opened her aorta, a large blood vessel near the heart by one bullet from a .40-caliber SIG Sauer P239 handgun with a seven-cartridge magazine, shot in her back by a ricocheting bullet from a gun held by illegal immigrant José Inez García Zárate of  Guanajuato, Mexico who was deported five times yet he returned and his actions resulted in the killing of 32 year old Kate Steinle who was walking on Pier 14 in the Enbarcadero district of San Francisco on a sunny afternoon. This was a tragedy of immense proportion where the universe mis-aligned. A true case of unplanned events that unfolded and as a result beautiful Katherine Michelle”Kate” Steinle was shot and killed. Was her death preventable? No. It happened but there was no human process or proceedure that could have intervened and prevented it. There are causes and effects that can be identified after an event such as the shooting of Kate Steinle but the analysis proves nothing.

Increasing the tragedy was the fact that Kate fell towards her father who laid her on the ground as she said: “Help me dad” but her father said her eyes were closed as he laid her on the ground, already dead from the shock, concussion, power and damage from a rather large bullet, a 40 caliber bullet meaning almost a half inch in diameter.

The universe aligns in uncalculable ways and it was most unfortuantely aligned when Kate was killed. The man responsible for her death should not have been in America, having been caught and deported five times but it was not his intention to kill Kate. Kate was killed by a bullet but there was no intention by anyone for that to happen. Four years later the tragedy still has the power to move people to tears.