Reid Said:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid called the Republican Party who “beholden and obedient to the gun dealers,” and said that was not causing Americans to feel “constantly terrified.”

Reid was wrong. No one is “beholden and obedient to the gun dealers. No one. he’s wrong… In addition guns are the litmus test of freedom and liberty in a culture. Only a free people who are not controlled by anything, who are at their liberty to act as they decide are competant to posses a gun. Reid got it horribly wrong.

Reid said, “America is a nation that is full of guns and where one political party is beholden and obedient to the gun dealers. But we do not have to be. At some point we have to decide, which we love more: the guns or our lives. The guns or our freedom to be in public or in school or at church or at a synagogue or at a mosque without feeling constantly terrified. The guns or our kids?  We don’t have to keep living like this.”

That’s the false choice. It’s not our guns or our lives. We have and deserve to have both and we do. No one has an obligation to give anything to a gun dealer who is a merchant who sells guns. No one in America, no American is under any law that makes it wrong to buy or posses a gun unless they are: (1)  under age, (2) a convicted felon or (3) mentally incompetant to buy and keep a gun. That’s a freedom that is non-existant in a dictatorship or in a faschist government.  Further… If you want to protect your family you may need a gun. 

Here’s hoping you are never in that position but if you are and you do not have a gun you can thank people like Reid who disrespects people, herself especially. Joy needs to discover the reasons she does not trusp people. It may be repression. It can be adjusted but that’s her call. She is free to think whatever whe likes. That’s the extraordinary gift she enjoys because some brave people who had and used guns fought to get it. She benefits thereby and should be grateful for guns and for brave people. She isn’t asked to be one but she needs to grasp those ideas if she want’s to respect reality and her understand and live with her own freedom. 

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