So said Bob Woodward, the Watergate book author and he has massive creds to know about what he is talking.

Woodward said:  “…Obama is a little bit more of an uncertain figure…”,

and “‘In the Obama era, things didn’t get fixed.’”

The documentry movie:  “2016” gives more insight to Obama. Woodward’s comments add to the record but Obama is a shadow across the political landscape. Dick Morris calls him “an empty man”. Obama’s books: “Dreams From My Father” “The Audacity of Hope” and “Of Thee I Sing” provide additional psychological information but the inner Obama eludes examination.

A person’s actions provide clues to their psychological  values. Obama although rich seems to fight against richness. Black but half white his psyche is no doubt at least partly, conflicted. Educated but not academic by his nature; non-violent but fighting for minorities; very left-leaning; dismissive of people: “who cling to their guns and religion”; he acquires and keeps things yet condems people who acqure and keep money; African by birth and race but living in a white majority culture, Obama is full of inner conflict. He is psychologically tortured. Even if he thinks well, and he certainly can do that because he’s smart, fast to summarize a situation and well educated but i’s his virtue and value systems that are unknown.

Obama is worse than unknown. He is known to be conflicted. For an adult that’s a problem. For the most powerful man in America it’s dangerous. For Obama himself? Who knows? 

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