has raised millions of dollars for left-wing and liberal/socialist/communist candidates in the United States of America.  Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have also made accusations that “owns” the Democratic Party and George Soros “owns” The George Soros sponsored “Impeach Trump Movement” is annoying the people who voted for Trump and really annoying people who were on the fence causing them to jump over to Trump. Trump-Haters and Congress Members Rashida Tlaib and Al Green joined the Soros events that are co-sponsored by the extreme Left-Wing We the People group.


MoveOn lists the following organizations:

Need to Impeach,



By the People,

Liberty Tree,

Women’s March,

March for Truth,


Mainers for Accountable Leadership,

Saratoga Progressive Action,

Stand Up America,

blue future,

Daily Kos,


Indivisible East Bay,

Courage Campaign,

Progressive Democrats of America,

Democracy for America,

Move to Amend,


United Native America

Mickey Mouse Club of San Francisco