From the sound of her obituaries, .. there are many, … she didn’t have a great life but reading between the lines she did. 

She was a stunning American Beauty in every sense of the word. She had loads of appeal to men. Her parents were born in America but all of her grandparents were born in Germany. In fact she was 100% German. In reality she was All American.

Was she happy? 

Most of the photo’s of her show her smiling. According to Rock Hudson she had natural straight white teeth. But she was married four times to: Al Jorden,  George William Weidler, Martin Melcher and Barry Comden. Four marriages are an indicator of something seriously wrong. One could conjecture bad luck but four times means something more than luck was operating. She must have been simply bowled over by men. She sure didn’t know how to pick them which is most unfortunate because she sure appealed to men. She was in fact a bit above them in appearance meaning she could easily have married a lot of different men because she sure was attractive. But she proves attractiveness is not always sufficient in a marriage. In a lot of cases the mis-match is a difference in personalities so great that the attractiveness isn’t enough of a glue to keep the relationship going. Children provide a lot of glue between a man and a woman. She had only one and tragically he passed away in his forties. If Doris had found a soulmate with whom she had more children maybe she would have been able to have a happier life. Four divorces is a bad sign. In the end she deserved better from life. On the plus side she lived 97 years and her net worth was about $199,000,000 U.S. dollars. It should have been more but she was cheated out of a lot of money several times. On balance, a good life well-lived. Auf Wiedersehen. Danke sehr