America’s third rail. Don’t touch race!!

“The Bell Curve” is part of the race issue but it’s far too hateful to include it here. The hate is against the ideas, not the book which is heavy on data and statistics about intelligence by race. “Race” was written by John Baker. “Roots” is Alex Haley’s book, a sort of true oral story that’s a work mostly of fiction. “Human Accomplishment” was written by Charles Murray the co-author of “The Bell Curve”. 

Rage is an emotional reaction. It appears whenever there are controversial race-based issues or events which is to say along the margins of the races. “Race Evolution and Behavior” by Rushton and “Why Race Matters” by Levin  are must reading for anyone interested in: race, IQ, crime, welfare, affirmative action, and multiculturalism. Levin analyzes statistics, psychological test scores, and behavioral genetics data, brilliantly illuminating the logical pitfalls in so much of what is written about race. 

Why is writing about race so controversial? Because of the busybody Social Justice Warriors who want to tell everyone else what to think. They demand everyone embrace for example “Diversity” on the basis that all are equal but that’s demonstrably false. Within each race are individuals and the proper demand is we treat people as they should be treated. Good is rewarded and bad is not.