America was founded by settlers. Settlers are not immigrants. George Washington was not an Immigrant. Neither was Thomas Jefferson nor Ben Franklin nor John Adams nor Samuel Adams. They were born in America. They did not come here. They were born in America and they were Americans, not immigrants when they founded The United States of America. There were fifty-six representatives from the thirteen colonies. Fourteen represented
the New England Colonies, twenty-one represented the Middle Colonies and twenty-one represented the Southern Colonies. The largest number (9) came from Pennsylvania. Most of the signers were American born meaning they were settlers, not immigrants although
eight (8) of the 56 signers were foreign born. That’s 86% who were settlers, not immigrants and for Omar’s information, none were from Somalia, her birthplace. None were from Africa, home of Somalia. None were from Asia or even from Continental Europe. the eight (8) who were foreign born were from Ireland, (3), England, (2) Wales (1)   and Scotland, (2).

Ilhan Omar needs to get herself under control, re-direct herself and learn about the country she hates, America. 

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