They got Nixon. They want Trump. They Ginned up Watergate. Now they are lying about the Mueller report. The Left controls the newspapers, radio, TV, the news and they have been after president Trump since he won the debate against Hillary. 

These are mean-spirited people who don’t deserve to live in America but here they are. “These are hysterical children,” Tucker Carlson said. “They should not be in journalism, but they are. In fact, they run journalism, and they have no plans on giving up their power. The Mueller Report is probably the single most humiliating thing that has ever happened to the White House press corps in the history of this country. So how did reporters in Washington respond today when it finally came out? Well, they did what they do best — they celebrated themselves.” 

Nixon did a lot to help America and the Left hated him for being successful. Same for President Trump. He’s done more for America in two years than Obama did in eight and the media hates him for that.

The public crucified Jesus, the most perfect man. The public got rid of president Nixon and they are doing their best to get rid of president Trump. Let’s hope the stars align to defeat them but trump in fighting alone. The Republicans are unable to help him and the Democrats hate him. He’s surrounded by mediocrity  but there are so many Left/Socialist/Communist/Leninist’s in America that the path forward is to get rid of president Trump. Nixon was 64 when he resigned right before he was supposed to be impeached. President Trump is older and wiser than Nixon but Nixon was an astute politician. Trump is not a politician. America is in a hard place right now with the forces of evil seemingly joining together to ruin America. The mob got Jesus and Nixon so Trump is in danger. He’s smart enough to outwit old Satan and many of us supporters hope president Trump prevails but it’s not a sure bet.  

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