Mar 142019

Seriously… Who could make-up stuff like this yet it’s true. In all seriousness a Journal of Feminist Geography In Volume 25, Issue #8, they published in their so-called “Themed Section on ‘gender and im(mobilities)’, this mind-blowingly stupid nonsensical screed: “Mobilities and waiting: experiences of middle-aged Latvian women who emigrated and those who stayed put.” The authoress is: “Aija Lulle who is a migration scholar and Lecturer in Human Geography at Loughborough University, UK. She has previously worked at the Universities of Latvia, Sussex (UK) and Eastern Finland.” What is in the water there? Lulle also wrote: “Balkans and Baltics: On Migration as a Factor of Regional Peripheralization. “…. This crazy stuff is far too Nutty to comment upon…

Peripheralization; What is it? “The current increase in socio-spatial inequalities in Europe has led to a revival of the terms “peripheralization” and “marginalization” in spatial research. In contrast to the geographical notion of a “periphery”, which is synonymous with distance to a centre and being situated on the fringes of a city, region or nation, research on “peripheralization” describes the production of peripheries through social relations and their spatial implications. The main part of the article provides a critical review of theoretical concepts which attempt to explain socio-spatial disparities between centralization and peripheralization processes. This includes theories of economic polarization, social inequality and political power. Building on this, a multidimensional concept of socio-spatial polarization is outlined, one which comprises processes of centralization and peripheralization in economic, social and political dimensions. Finally, implications are drawn for spatial planning regarding the polarization between metropolitan and non-metropolitan regions and areas for further research are highlighted.

Do you get this? This is the biggest gaslight project in history. LOFLOL…. Sad… Sad but true. There are these kinds of people around and they are supported by more of them.