A stake in the heart kills a vampire but the Constitution was knocked out by a few Executive Orders. How simple for Obama to dictate a few Orders, like a King of England and destroy the Constitution with a few words.

Talk about a Messiah who hates Liberty. Why was Liberty given to the people? Because that’s the key attribute of each person. Eagles fly & fish swim so long as there’s air and water but people need Liberty so Obama attacked what people need the most and he won. America is over, replaced by an ooze that covers everything like white covers rice. ObamaCare gets the doctors paid so the doctors support it but the people don’t know they pay the doctors. They’ve been tricked once again. This time by a man with revenge in his heart. America has been hated for her greatness but until Obama America had greatness. Obama apologized for America being attacked on 9/11. He issued ORDERS against the Constitution and destoyed it. He’ll get to appoint two Supreme Court Justices who will finish the job.

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