Of course the obvious answer to the problems of the Mantua neighborhood is JOBS. The problem is there are too few jobs available for the people of Mantua so the crime rates are too high and the average income is too low. What is to be done? 

The video shows a really solid bunch of buildings. Sure, there’s trash in the streets, some houses with boarded up windows and doors but there’a a basic solidarity to the buildings. The roof’s are solid. The walls are solid. Very few look to have problems as the video flyover shows.  Perhaps the copper pipes are gone, sold for scrap. Probably the water, gas and electric are off in too many of the homes but the buildings are solid despite the lack of maintenance over these many years. PROMISEZONE

Jobs would help if the locals have the abilities and skills needed to do what is required by the job. Here’s where the problem is. One job per person. Perhaps two part time or one full time. 

What kind of work can the average community person do? They can read, They can drive cars and trucks. They can do some of the work needed for construction but there’s almost no need for construction in Mantua. No problem, There’s SEPTA. Plus the streets, roads and highways can help get workers and managers to the places where the jobs are.  The jobs have to be jobs the locals can do. 

But Philly has no jobs. Most investors have abandoned Philly. Still, there are plenty of jobs in and around Philly. What’s needed is a way to match people to jobs and to figure out how to get the individuals to the job locations. That’s where public transportation, SEPTA comes in. Mantua has loads of public transportation. The Route 38 bus is a fantastic resource. It goes from Chinatown in Center City all the way through Mantua to City Line Ave into the Manyunk area and on to the Wissahickon transportation canter. It’s possible to get connections all along the way so the people of Mantua are not limited in where they can travel to work.  How About A New McDonald’s For Low-Cost Eats?

Here’s a list of 31 jobs the average Mantua worker could do:
parking lot attendant
cleaner or janitor
fast food worker
line operator
sewing machine operator (semi-automatic)
construction laborer
information desk clerk, and
vegetable harvester/picker (and some other types of farm workers)
retail salesperson
security guard
telephone solicitor
flight attendant
taxi driver
laundry operator
nurse’s assistant
furniture mover
file clerk,
secretary or administrative assistant
sales representative
customer service representative
office clerk
teacher or teacher’s aide
fast food cook
travel agent,
mortgage processor.

Let’s not give up on Mantua. It’s a great neighborhood with plenty of solid houses and good public transportation. All that’s needed to get people to the next level is jobs. Where are they? Here’s where you can help. Whenever you see a help wanted sign get it to Mantua. maybe call or contact:  Philadelphia  Local Initiatives Support Corporation, (LISC) at 718 Arch Street, Suite 500 South, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Telephone: (215) 923-3801. Or, contact the Job Bank or any of the many organizations that specialize in helping connect jobs to people. All the best.