They tried to claim the white outfits showed ‘SOLIDARITY” but the idea was to show hate. It worked so far as showing hate but the solidarity utterly failed. They were like little brats who wanted to have things their way and no one else’s ideas counted with them. Result? Division… Divisiveness, .. Contrariness…Disobedience… Un-American.. The Faces of Hate.

Another bit of prevarication was the idea they were representing the Suffragettes that worked to get the Right to Vote for women. That passed the U.S. Congress in 1919.
The childish idea to all dress alike for some reason was simply to insult president Trump. Does this look like a dignified group? No. It looks like a bunch of people at a horse racing track or a high school basketball game, not a group of dignified representatives of the people.

Solidarity? Not with the people of America…. Not with the voters…. Not with the Congress of the United States… No. . . Solidarity with the oppressed of America? No…. Solidarity with themselves and with a variety of causes but not solidarity with America which is why they were invited in the first place.

they wanted free publicity and they got it but for what? There’s no lasting effect because there was no effect in the first place. Disrespect gets no respect and the women in white got that and  nothing else.